The Key to Starting a Business: Take the First Step

A failed attempt beats a non-attempt. Imperfection trumps inaction. Starting is always better than never trying at all.

Starting a business is about taking the first step.

If you have an idea for a business, learn or do something today that helps to make it a reality.

Even if you don’t believe it will work, have doubts, are scared, concerned, or whatever, take the step.

I’m not saying bet your life savings or your home. They don’t have to be huge steps. It can be a small one. Read a book, read a page. I’m dead serious.

Even one page is better than nothing. It’s forward movement. It’s getting you one tiny step closer to having a successful business.

This is about embarking on a journey even though everything looks cloudy and uncertain. Because this journey is filled with uncertainty.

There are no guarantees here. That doesn’t exist. Even after you’re successful.

But if you never take that first step, you know what is guaranteed to happen? That’s right:

And if that happens you’ll never know what could have been or if you would have succeeded or who you might have become.

But if you do start, then a world will open up before you. You will see new things. You will learn. You will grow.

Yes, you will struggle. You will want to quit. You will fail.

But when you begin, you’ll gain experiences you never would have. You’ll be better off than you were before.

You won’t just see a way to make your idea better, you’ll be better. You’ll realize that failure didn’t kill you.

And that’s often the moment you’ll start seeing your path toward success.

And if you keep at it, you will transform.

You will succeed.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Suzie Kassem

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