You Are the Most Critical Piece to Starting a Business.

Not money, fame, credentials, the school you graduated from, experience, reputation, nor even a beautiful coif of hair is the most critical piece to starting a business—no. 

It’s you. 

You are the most important piece of the puzzle in starting a business. 

Often we think something external will validate us or give us what we really need to start a business. But that’s not true. We don’t need that.

You don’t need that. 

Many people who didn’t have any obvious advantages were able to start their own ventures and gain success. I solidly fit in that camp.  

Sure, if you had the Kardashians’ media power, that would help. Or if you had a Warren-Buffet-sized war-chest that would make starting easier, absolutely. 

But, that’s not necessary; it’s not required to start a business. They are nice to have, not need to have.

Whenever we want external validators like money or fame, etc. we’re looking for a guarantee. Even if you had those, you aren’t guaranteed to succeed. That doesn’t exist in life, certainly not in entrepreneurship. 

There is risk. That’s always there. 

The question is, Are you willing to bet on yourself? And the answer should be, Yes. All-day. Everyday.  

All you need is you: your ideas, your plans, your gumption, your push, your fears, your experiences, your perspective, your voice. Bring everything you have to the table, the good and the bad, and start making something. 

When you try to create a new business, all of that will come to life and animate it by the sheer act of starting. And you’ll see something materialize with each thought, decision, and action you make.

Step out and solve problems for businesses, people. Make their lives better; make them laugh. Create a product that will delight them, a video that will entrance them, a service that will lighten their load. 

With all of the technology and platforms like Angie’s list, MailChimp, Instagram, Medium, WordPress, Quora, TaskRabbit, you have more opportunities to start a business without spending a cent than ever before. 

You just have to find out what best fits you. 

Pay attention to your preferences and what you enjoy. If you love visual storytelling, jump on Instagram or YouTube, if you love to answer questions, go on Quora. If you’re handy and can fix things around the house, signup for Angie’s list or TaskRabbit, and provide the best service you can. You get it. 

There’s a place for everyone; and that means you. 

If you begin and persist in creating value, you won’t just start; coif or no, you’ll be unstoppable. 

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