One of the Most Important Practices in Starting a Business

Learning to learn won’t just help you start a business; it will make you unstoppable.

It will unleash the potential in you to reach your dreams. It’s one the greatest lessons any person can gain.

This is deceptively simple; it’s not easy to do. It’s far easier to act like you know everything.

You know the type, the ones who know all of the answers and asks none of the questions. I’ve been there. It’s scary to let people think you don’t know anything. They might think you’re stupid or incompetent.

But thinking like that doesn’t work.

Starting a business is less about knowing everything and more about being willing to take in new information even seeking it out and applying it to the venture you’re trying to build.

Sam Walton the founder of Walmart was famous for asking questions. Wherever he went he would pepper people with Why was this the case? or How they did this or that? or When was this a good idea? Even after he had reached the pinnacle of his career he was still curious. He was still learning.

Becoming a learner is how you start a business. Because entrepreneurship is a lab of sorts. It’s where you experiment and try things and discover what works. That never stops.

And here’s the greatest aspect of this idea.

Learning will transform the way you see failure. Instead of just seeing it as an event where you failed, you’ll be able to see it as a lesson. And you’ll take the learnings and apply it to something new.

Starting a business is filled will failure. And if you aren’t willing to dig in the dirt, you’ll never discover gold. When you dig in the caverns of your mistakes, you’ll find nuggets of goodness that will help you succeed.

Learning affords you the ability to improve and gain the skills you need, adapt to changes, avoid pitfalls, find solutions, create innovations.

When you learn to learn, your business will grow.

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