This Is How You Overcome Self-Doubt When Starting a Business

Often starting a business isn’t the hardest part; it’s stopping the self-doubt.

That’s not a feeling you can just overpower. And it’s not as simple as thinking your way out it. The answer isn’t found from within.

You need to demystify the process of starting a business and see that it’s not some magical gift you’re born with. You don’t need to have a thunderbolt burned into your head to accomplish this, no.

Even though it’s mysterious, the trick is to take the mystery out of it. And you do that by doing this.

Take these small incremental steps forward: learn, experiment, focus.


First, Learn: Read, watch videos, gather information, stories, data, articles on what starting a business is like.

And you’ll find that many of these people who’ve gone before you aren’t smarter than you, more capable, better equipped. They’re not magicians, sages, wielding wands of old to conjure up a unicorn.

No, they just tried. They’re doing what you’re doing right now, gathering information, processing it, synthesizing it—learning.

Here are some books that are helpful for starting (affiliate links):
The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business
Passive Income Freedom
Think and Grow Rich


Second, Experiment: Take all of that information you’ve accumulated and dabble. Try things.

Knit those handmade socks you always wanted to make and find ways to sell them on Etsy. Write a blog post and publish it on Medium. Put together an online store on Shopify. Ask friends or acquaintances what they think about you providing this or that service.

That will give you hands-on experience of what doing the work actually feels like, seeing whether you enjoy it or not. And you’ll discover what you’re good at and what works.

If people are interested in the thing you’re doing or making, there’s likely a “market fit.” That means people will be willing to pay for the product or service you’re providing.

And that is critical.

Because once you find that, you can actually have a business that makes money, which means it’s sustainable, real.


Lastly, focus. Once you find work you love and see a market for it, dive deep. Get in the tunnel and see where the rabbit hole takes you.

Focusing helps you gain expertise, differentiate yourself from the pack, break through the noise. And you’ll do the most important thing all businesses need to do: You’ll add value.

Once you do that, you’ll be unstoppable.

Before you know it, you’ll have a growing enterprise.

And you’ll be too busy growing your business to think about your self-doubt.

Closing Thoughts

You see, overcoming self-doubt isn’t about forcing yourself to feel confident. It’s about getting engrossed in the work and letting the doubt dissipate.

Doubt is like a mist that can’t be pushed away. The harder you push, the more you’ll be surrounded by it.

Instead, you have to get into the work of starting and you’ll see the cloud disappear as the morning sun burns away the fog.

When you do that, you won’t just have confidence, you’ll have a business.

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