This is the perfect time to start a business

The best time to start a business is right now.

Don’t wait for permission, someone to come aboard, to get that degree. Certainly don’t wait until you get more time. You won’t see that until you’re probably retired, or dead.

No. You need to start right now. That doesn’t mean you need to get all of your ducks in a row. They’re going to be scattered everywhere. It’ll be crazy.

And you’re not going to know what you’re doing. You’ll feel like an idiot. But don’t worry, everyone does when they start. And anyone who says that they know exactly what they are doing is lying to themselves.

The truth is that starting is the most important thing about starting a business, not perfection, expertise, even ability.

At the core of starting is this: Action. That’s what it takes to get a business going. It’s all in the doing, movement, production.

You can at least pick up a book about that thing you’re interested in and try a few things; take a meeting or two to ask other people about how they started their businesses, or just make a piece of crap prototype of that product you’ve tucked away in your head for the last few years.

Even the wrong action is better than doing nothing. When you do something incorrectly, at least you’ve learned a lesson and can course correct. But when you’re just on your couch daydreaming o that thing you’re going to do, all you learn is that you have dreams.

So do something. Do it today.

Do it now.

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