Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do when starting a business

Some might say that you shouldn’t quit. But that’s wrong.

Don’t stop pursuing your dream of starting a business; rather, there are times when quitting a business idea is a good idea.

Sometimes the business case just doesn’t fly. Or the concept stops making sense, or you realize it never did. Or maybe the idea doesn’t fit you. Whatever it may be, don’t keep working at something that doesn’t work.

Start over. Find a new idea and test that one. Many of the great startups did just that. Instagram, Slack, Twitter, Disney.

Yes, even Disney. Its founder, Walt Disney, started as a commercial artist (affiliate) and had a dream of telling stories, so he started a small business that created cartoons and films for advertising. That failed. So he quit the commercial art business and moved to Los Angeles.

Then he tried making films for entertainment, which led him to tell stories in the once new format of animation, and he fought ferociously to survive and build the entertainment empire that’s touched all of us.

Quit ideas, not your dreams.

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