You need to know this to start a business

Most people starting a business have no idea what they are doing.

You might be thinking, “I can’t start a business: I not an expert.” But when it comes to starting businesses, no one is.

One of the most revered entrepreneurs is Steve Jobs. He’s amazing. He’s a genius. But when Jobs started, he was just a scruffy kid in a garage with another guy trying stuff.

In his biography, you’ll find a young man hustling and experimenting. In short, Jobs was clueless. But he did start; he tried stuff; he learned from his mistakes.

When I started, I was clueless. I have a creative agency that develops branding, websites, and videos. But before my first project, I didn’t develop websites, design, or even know what it took to start a business. I didn’t know anything.

But knowledge isn’t the point; learning is.

You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in this or that. You just need to be willing to experiment, ead books, ask questions—learn.

Then, do something with what you’re learning.

That’s how you start a business.

You can do that.

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