This is how you realize your dreams

One of the hardest things in starting a business is hearing “No.” But anyone can do that—anyone.

You’ve heard “No” all of your life. Your parents, friends, neighbors, teachers have all denied you.

So you know how it feels. The only thing holding you back is the fear of rejection. You’re avoiding that feeling. I get it: It’s terrible. But did getting rejected ever kill you? End you?


And remembering that it doesn’t really kill us helps us put it in perspective. That comes into focus through this question.

Will you allow that fear of rejection to stop you from realizing your dream?

When comparing the fear of hearing “No” with your dream, there is no comparison. A momentary feeling of negativity or fulfilling a hope of a lifetime is a no-brainer. Dreams should win, always.

Yes, noes feel terrible. That doesn’t change. But what does is the reason why you are facing that feeling.

Even though it’s not easy, the best part is this.

Hearing “Yes.”

That will change everything.

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