This is how you succeed in the face of fear

In small business, fear never entirely goes away. Even after you succeed, it’s still there. 

You can’t eliminate it; the only thing you can do is manage it. 

Losing money, losing customers, getting too many customers, managing people, managing people poorly, taxes, growth, hiring, firing, failure, and the list can go on for the things that can cause us to lose sleep. 

And we can try not to think about them, avoid them, distract ourselves, drink, smoke, hide, but none of that works. 

Facing our fears can help. 

But I don’t find that to be the best thing either. 

What is? 

Focus on what you should do for your business. 

You can become so tied up with your fears that you forget to focus on what’s important. And your fear isn’t that. 

Some things help your businesses grow, thrive, flourish. Focus on them. Work on them. 

The best way to manage fear isn’t by ignoring it. 

It’s by focusing on what you can do to succeed. 

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